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Junk Cars in North Miami

Sell your junk car to J & L Towing and Recovery, LLC. As experts in auto recycling and towing, we will promptly tow your rusted vehicle away, and provide you with excellent compensation rates.

We will recycle as much of your used car as possible at our state-of-the-art auto dismantling facility. You will appreciate our friendly and informative customer service, swift availabilities, and unbeatable prices offered.

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Prompt and Sustainable Auto Dismantling

At the end of your car’s long life, selling it may be your best option. While your car might have little value remaining, you will be surprised to know how much your vehicle’s parts and components are actually worth. When you grow tired of your junk car collecting dust and rust on your property, simply call the experts at J & L Towing and Recovery, LLC.

We are proud to serve vehicle owners all over Miami. We will assess your value, make a generous offer based on our appraisal, and remove your vehicle from your property. There is no easier or more beneficial way to rid yourself of your scrap car.

Reach out to one of our representatives today to learn more about our services. We would be glad to assist you.

We Accept Any Vehicle Make or Model

No matter your vehicle’s age or condition, we will accept it. All we require is a valid title, and we’ll accept vehicles of any make or model, both foreign and domestic.

We can recycle the vast majority of your car’s components, including precious metals, glass, rubber, and more. We will even safely neutralize and dispose of fluids. Our services are designed with environmental sustainability and conservation in mind.

When you choose us as your auto recycler, you can be confident of the highest quality services at the best available rates. That is our commitment to clients all over North Miami.

Unbeatable Compensation for Your Junk Car

Your used car still has plenty of value to us. That’s why we offer extremely competitive compensation rates in cash, and on the spot. Our rates won’t be beaten by any other auto recycling facility.

For your consideration, we will provide offers in advance, and evaluate your car diligently for a fair and accurate offer.

Auto Recycling and Towing Experts

Our team has been operating in the North Miami community for a number of years. Our great compensation rates, responsible approach to recycling and dismantling, and expert customer service have earned us a great reputation in the area.

We operate a fully equipped facility and a fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks for streamlined service. We are also fully licensed and bonded to reflect our years of dependable experience.

North Miami’s Leading Cash for Cars Service

When the time comes to part with your junk car, the name to know is J & L Towing and Recovery, LLC. We will compensate you in cash, tow your vehicle to our location, and proceed with a detailed dismantling.

You’ll enjoy the newly vacant parking spot on your property, as well as our generous rates.

Contact us today for pricing information or to schedule a tow truck.

North Miami Junk Cars

Say goodbye to your junk car once and for all with J & L Towing and Recovery, LLC. Our towing and car recycling specialists offer unbeatable compensation on the spot for your scrap car.

We’ll arrive promptly at your location, towing your car away swiftly to our facility. It doesn’t matter whether it’s running or not. We will recycle a significant number of your vehicle’s components, and offer a highly reasonable rate in exchange.

If you have an old car rusting away on your North Miami property, we are the company to call.

To receive a free price quote, contact us today at 786.908.7120!

Cars for Car Services in North Miami

If you have enjoyed your vehicle for years, it may not have much life left in them. Even though your car might have little to offer in terms of repair or resale value, you may be surprised at how much value is still held in its parts and components. Instead of staring at the heap taking up space in your yard, simply reach out to the specialists at J & L Towing and Recovery, LLC.

Regardless of your car’s make or model, whether foreign or domestic, we can expertly dismantle and recycle it. Up to 95% of your vehicle will be recycled, and we are committed to environmental sustainability.

As junk cars are of value to us, we are willing to offer excellent compensation rates in exchange. You’ll appreciate our timely and friendly towing service, as well.

To schedule an appointment, reach out to one of our representatives today.

Well Equipped Junkyard and Scrapyard Location

We will tow your car to our fully-equipped car dismantling facility, where we will proceed diligently with the recycling. Our space is regularly upgraded to include the latest, most effective products. All that is required from you is the title of the vehicle.

We will recycle and reuse your vehicle’s precious metals, glass, and rubber, and also safely neutralize and dispose of all fluids. All vehicles are welcome at our location, regardless of age or condition.

We recycle your vehicle in an efficient and rapid manner, and provide you with cash on the spot!

Leaders in Car Recycling and Towing

We have been serving clients all over North Miami for a number of years. We are committed to offering a reputable business based on excellent customer service, trust, and environmental sustainability.

We are fully licensed and bonded, and committed to the highest standards of service whether for towing or car recycling.

If you have a junk car on your property, we are the company to serve you. Contact us today to request a free quote.

Say Goodbye to Your Scrap Car, and Be Compensated

Tired of looking at your junk car? Simply call the experts at J & L Towing and Recovery, LLC. We offer prompt availabilities, great rates, and impressive attention to detail.

To receive a free quote for our services, or to learn more about our cash for cars options, contact us today. One of our team members would be happy to assist you.