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Cash for Junk Cars in North Miami

If you have a junk car rusting away on your North Miami property, say goodbye to it once and for all with J & L Towing and Recovery, LLC! We are specialists in towing and car recycling, and we recognize that your scrap car still has value!

We will tow your vehicle away from your property swiftly to our fully-equipped junkyard. We will offer you unbeatable rates for your car, and proceed with the dismantling. We will salvage your vehicle in a sustainable way.

Get rid of your junk car, and be compensated in cash on the spot!

To learn more about our cash for cars services, or to receive a free pricing estimate, contact us today at 786.908.7120!

Unbeatable Rates for Junk Cars

When you have gotten a long life out of your vehicle, the tendency might be to drive it until you can’t anymore. After a certain point, maintenance and repairs simply aren’t worth the expense. Your car also may not have any resale value to be driven again, and its primary value will lie in its parts and components. At J & L Towing and Recovery, LLC, junk cars are one of our specialties!

We provide free towing with insurance and have great rates on local tows. We accept all makes and models of used cars, both foreign and domestic. Whether your vehicle is in driving condition or is no longer operational, you can depend on our towing abilities to get it off your property.

We will also offer you very reasonable rates on your vehicle, and provide free offers for your comparing purposes. If you have a junk or scrap car, we are the company to call!

Complete, Sustainable Car Recycling in Our Junkyard Facility

We operate a state-of-the-art car recycling and dismantling facility, in which we serve all vehicles.

All we require is a title for your vehicle, and we can complete the paperwork rapidly. We recycle up to 95% of your car, including your car’s precious metals, glass, and even rubber. Even fluids and liquids in the vehicle will be neutralized and adequately disposed of.

We believe in environmental sustainability, and have a wide range of services to suit each vehicle owner. Whatever your junk car needs, we are the company to call!

Professionals with Years of Experience in Dismantling Scrap Cars

Our team has been providing junk car dismantling and towing services in North Miami for years. We are fully licensed and bonded for our wide range of services.

We have gained a reputation for our excellent rates of compensation for vehicles of all types. We also offer a helpful, courteous approach to customer service.

Why should you keep looking at the rusting heap, taking up space on your property? Instead, scrap your car for sale and be paid in cash on the spot today!

Get Cash for Junk Cars of Any Age or Condition Vehicle

Choose J & L Towing and Recovery, LLC’s cash for cars service to get rid of your unwanted, non-useful junk car!

We have the experience and resources to purchase, tow, and take apart your vehicle in an environmentally friendly manner. Enjoy a generous cash compensation on the spot!

Call us at 786.908.7120 to schedule a tow truck.